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I got B3 for Physics

Amath also!!!

First Time!

I’ve never passed my AMath before!!!!


Secondary 4 A-Math, Singapore Chinese Girls School

got 12 points for L1 R5!

I got B3 for Physics, A2 for Math and B4 for A Math.


Secondary 4 Physics (F9 to B3), Woodgrove Secondary School


Thanks ya must keep this up for a levels

Ming Yue

H1 Math (From D to A), River Valley High School

Feel free to let me know about her improvements or weakness. Thank you so much!

BTW this term she got 90 marks for maths!

Bridget's Mom

Primary 4 Math (From B to A*), Aitong School

Hi Cher!! I got my results and my promo grade for physics is a C! thank you for helping me improve from u in mye to c. hehe


JC 1 H2 Physics (U to C), Raffles Institution

paper 1 54/80

paper 2 74/100

total 128/180, A2!

Hui Xuan

IP 4 Math (From C5 to A2), St Nicholas Girls School

Isaac math – 99/100

Yet to see the paper

Tq Teacher

Very well done. 2nd in maths in his class

Isaac's Mom

P6 Math (From B to A*), Woodgrove Primary School

Hi Teacher, thanks for informing. I have reminded Natasha.

Btw, she got back her results. Her A Math is 63/80 (78%).

Natasha's Mom

Sec 3 A Math (From B4 to A1), Chris Church Secondary School

Hi Teacher, he scored the highest in the class, 93. Surprise?

KJ's Mom

Primary 5 Math (Top in Class), Aitong School

Hi Teacher. Thanks for being part of the contribution and guidance to Danish. He got rewarded for good progress award. Thanks again!

Danish's Dad

Primary 5 Math (Good Improvement Award), Woodgrove Primary School

Elliot completed his Physics paper yesterday and felt he did fine. Grades aside, I would like to thank you for guiding Elliot the past 1.5 years. He has certainly gained tremendous confidence in Physics and even found the subject interesting! We will call upon you again if assistance is needed. Meanwhile I wish you all the best. Cheers!

Elliot's Dad

IP 3 - 4 Physics (D to A1), Raffles Institution

Hi, I got an A1 for Science and B3 for math. Thanks for helping me improve my grades!!

To be Honest, I thought I was gonna fail math in eoy but i passed lol!


Sec 2 Science and Math (B4 to A1 and D7 to B3), St Nicholas Girls School

Hi Teacher, isaac result.

Math – A1 (92%+/-)

Science – B3

I yet to see the paper

Isaac's Mom

Sec 2 Math (92% for Math), Bukit Panjang Govt High

*Photo of report book*

Thank you teacher. He improved a lot

Kedrick's Mom

Sec 1 Math (Fail to 91 Marks), Woodgrove Secondary School

Hi Mr Ng, just wanna say thanks for your coaching. Ryan’s report book just came and he got A1 for both his math and science. Very pleased with the result!

Ryan's Mom

Sec 1 Math (A1 for both Math and Science), Chris Church Secondary School

Zee Anne finally made through 72% for her maths this round.

Knew it wasn’t easy for you but at least your efforts reflected. Ya finally all end it well. Appreciated!

Zee Anne's Mom

Primary 5 Math (From AL2 to AL2), Qihua Primary School

Heard he score 93/100, haven’t get back the papers

Princeston's Mom

Primary 5 Math (93 Marks), Innova Primary School

Good Morning Mr NG. My eoys went pretty well. For Math 1 I got 74/80. For Math 2 I got 68/80!


IP Yr 3 Math (A for both Math 1 and 2), Raffles Girls School

Good Morning Teacher, I would like to wish you a Happy lunar new year and to thank you for helping my daughter, Gladys in achieving perfect score of A for maths in the national GCE A level exam. She also managed to achieve perfect scores for all her other subjects.

Glady's Dad

H2 Math (From D to A), Raffles Institution

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