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Your child’s learning is our priority.

Every child is unique and their learning abilities differes distinctively from one another. Our Master Key Learning System derives from this essential factor and has proven again and again over the years to assist our students not only to achieve better grades but also to improve their congnitive skills beyond classroom.

Master Key Learning System is not a method, notes or any specific tutor. It is a system that comprises of numerous key “components” including¬† unique teaching and learning techniques, curriculum and learning environment that is delivered by our tutors only serve one function – to unlock the potential in your child.

Teaching beyond the textbooks

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Interviewing Tutors

Hiring the Best Educators

We received numerous applications every year but after a four-stage interview process, we only hire those with the suitable attitude and appitude who is able to deliver our Learning System effectively. Our tutors are naturally passionate and talented with keenness to make a difference.

The Learning Tutors

Tutors of PPLC learns. Every year, our tutors are sent to least 50 hours of training by external education specialists.

Over 100 hours of In-house training are provided to support our tutors to ensure high standards in terms of knowledge, lesson delivery, rapport with students, ability to engage students and classroom management.

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Ongoing Evaluation and Support

Throughout the year, we help teachers keep improving and delivering better lessons through regular observations and evaluation.

Internally, tutors are given the opportunity to provide a feedback loop to the Master Key Learning System so that the system and tutor evulates and evolve to provide a better learning experience for our students

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