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Your child learning environment matters. Every aspect of Passe Partout Learning Centre’s design has been handpick and crafted to provide a safe and happy environment for your child to learn in, and to achieve.

Learning takes place not just in the classroom but also in different spaces and areas in life. However, the majority of the things that one learns in life happen in those four walls. This is especially true when building learning foundations in children.

Thus, having a conducive learning environment that encourages little people to enjoy the whole process of knowing new things is important. Schools are considered to be a student’s second home as they spend a huge chunk of their daily life in it.

A conducive learning environment goes beyond having the right school furniture supplies and is actually composed of several important factors. These factors, when taken as a single entity should be a space where students can freely express their ideas to their classmates and teachers, while at the same time feel comfortable in exploring different aspects of different subjects and themselves.

Every aspect of Passe Partout’s experience is designed to optimise learning. Students are motivated by contextualised and experiential learning opportunities that are designed to motivate, excite and inspire. Hands-on experiments and projects combine with engaging and imaginative activities anchored on real world issues and applications.

Thoughtfully designed classrooms, well-lit with clean lines that hint subtly at a boardroom setting, provide students the optimal learning spaces. 

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